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Are you planning an holiday in Venice - Italy?
Calendar of events in Venice: art, gastronomic events, gondolas and more...!

A reason more to come to Venice: Enogastronomic event on March 17-19 2013, Venice becomes the ”capital of the taste”.
By Stefano Calandra


"Gusto in Scena", an event created and curated by Marcello Coronini is dedicated to professionals, industry gourmet food and wine.

It's a very nice idea, I think, to connect the art of Venice to Your enogastronomic passions!

Visit, eat and drink 3 days in Venice in a fabulous way!
To join Gusto in Scena you can buy tickets and you can subscribe to the Congress. Look at the end of this post.

The Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice, will host three major events in parallel organized by the journalist Marcello Coronini, combines three events in one, On Monday and Tuesday from 13.00 to 15.00, visitors to Gusto in Scena will be offered tastings of pasta and exceptional tortellini:

  • Chef in Concerto (Chefs in Concert), a gastronomic congress for top chefs;
  • I Magnifici Vini (Magnificent Wines), an international wine tasting;
  • and "Seduzioni di Gola" (Seductions of the Palate), an exhibition devoted to Italian delicacies.

With this event, now in its 5th edition, Venice once again is going to become the world capital of Italian laboratory for
haute cuisine with the task of reconciling the taste and health. For the appointment of 2013, Marcello Coronini,
the creator and curator, journalist and critic of food and wine, launches a new original idea for this year:
the "Cooking with ... Cooking without sugar ...".

  • For reservations I MAGNIFICI VINI + SEDUZIONI DI GOLA: go straight to the ticket office of the exhibition place (10 minutes walking from the Train station Santa Lucia in Venice):

Scuola Grande San Giovanni Evangelista di Venezia
Sestiere di San Polo, 2454 - 30125 Venezia

For reservations for a room/apartment for 3 or more days with 10% discount: go to this Facebook page!
For reservations for a room/apartment (no discount): go to this page!


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By Stefano Calandra


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